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Steps to Buying a Home ...


1) SEARCH around on-line to get an idea of what homes are available, in what areas, and in what price ranges. 


2) If you will need FINANCING, talk to a lender to get PRE-qualified for a mortgage. This gives you an idea of your purchasing power, and is necessary in order to submit an offer to purchase a home.


3) Establish a professional relationship with a real estate agent. A BUYERS AGENT is a professional who is working for you, and representing your best interests throughout the search, offer, and contract process. Buyer Agents are generally paid by the SELLER as part of the commission they pay to list and sell their home.


4) Have your agent arrange PRIVATE VIEWINGS for you to see the properties you are interested in.


5) Make an OFFER on the home you love! Your agent will help you negotiate the offer to maximize your chances of having your offer accepted.


Once your offer is accepted, your agent will assist you with all of the details involved through the contract period, all the way to closing on your NEW HOME!

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